Webinar: GeoBIM Enriched 3D City Models

19 February 2021

Curious about the benefits of integrating GIS and BIM in the fields of 3D city modeling and digital twins? Do you want to learn more on how GeoBIM applications can be leveraged by your nation or organization to plan, develop, monitor, and manage city-wide urban infrastructure and meet your sustainable development goals? Join our webinar to learn more about benefits of integrating GeoBIM and 3D city models!


Title: GeoBIM Enriched 3D City Models for Enhanced Urban Governance

Date: Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

Time: 9:00 Riyadh | 11:30 Delhi | 14:00 Singapore | 17:00 Melbourne


On the basis of real-world experiences of the Municipality and Planning Department of the Government of Ajman, we will provide insights into BIM based 3D city modeling and explore how this digital transformation eases day-to-day operations and planning for urban local authorities. 


GeoBIM Webinar Recording_Tekengebied 1