Working At Avineon

At Avineon, we understand that our success highly depends on our employees. Your professional achievements and developments are the basis of growing our customer satisfaction, and thus our business; so, let’s grow together!

Our Corporate Values

At Avineon, we understand that our success depends on our employees’ qualifications, capabilities, and professionalism. As such, we strive to provide an excellent work environment to reward our employees.


Avineon serves wide range of commercial and government organizations across the globe, including major leading industries such as utility, telecommunications, power, and oil and gas companies and federal, regional, and local governments. We offer high-quality, tailor-made solutions in the fields of digital modernization, engineering support, and spatial intelligence. Our solutions enable our clients to optimize the visualization, use, and relevance of their spatial data, and, by doing so, improve the quality of their operations and customer service.


Do you combine your passion for GIS with a proficient knowledge of the different GIS and/or CAD platforms, a positive attitude, a flair for challenge, and excellent interpersonal skills? Do you like to be self-sufficient in your work? Do you want to evolve and propose inspiring and high-quality solutions that aim at the successful completion of a project and, ultimately, support customer satisfaction? Then aim for excellence and join our team!

Our Team

Avineon has a global team consisting of GIS specialists, consultants, project managers, drafters, cartographers, engineering technicians, topographers, etc., dedicated to helping our clients succeed in executing their mission critical tasks. The Avineon team is proud of our 100% project success rate, which is the result of our rigorous quality management system and continuous trainings.


At Avineon, we strive to deliver high-quality to all our customers and establish long-term collaborations and relationships with both our customers and our employees.


Our standardized approach to project management and quality assurance enable us to successfully execute our projects and build customer satisfaction.


The commitment and motivation of our team is one of our most important strengths, enabling us to offer innovative, high-end solutions to our clients.


We encourage diversity and non-discrimination. Our team is multicultural, a fact that we consider as an enrichment that contributes to our success.


To offer innovative and high-quality solutions to our clients, we train our employees in new technologies and encourage the achievement of certifications.

Avineon Leader Talks

Get to know the Avineon leaders through our "Leader Talks" blog series and learn more on their personal experiences and journey. 

What We Offer

Joining Avineon means that you will work on both national and international projects, with both your local colleagues and colleagues from our offices around the globe. Our headquarters are located in the United States, with international offices in Abu Dhabi and India.


We consider the well-being of our employees in the work environment essential to the success of our employees, and the company in general. That is why we offer, in addition to competitive compensation, an outstanding benefits package to help you thrive and grow your career. Many of our employees have been with Avineon for more than 10-20 years and we are continuously searching for new team members interested in a long and rewarding career.


Along with helping clients solve complex problems, we encourage and mentor each team member to consider their own career growth and continually look for opportunities and ways to invest in each team member’s growth.


From setting up working groups focused research and development to collaborative projects that stretch across global offices, Avineon promotes a team centric environment and actively seeks teammates that can thrive in a cross-region atmosphere.


Avineon aligns company growth with the journey of our resources, looking for ways to promote and mentor our team members so they can be successful as they grow.


Whether it is machine learning, advancements in digital twin technology, novel cloud based architecture, 3D modeling, or next generation geospatial tools, Avineon invests internally and externally to keep our team members focused on the impact of new technology on our clients and domains.


Discover Our Current Vacancies

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