Ad Hoc Support

Our ad hoc support services are offered to you in an on-demand model.

You simply put in a request for a specific service, and we make sure that qualified Avineon personnel are scheduled for this task.

Regular Maintenance, System Upgrades, and Training

Given the fast pace of geospatial technology advancements, GIS components, such as infrastructure, software, applications, and data, require periodic maintenance and upgrades.

Our skilled staff, with proven experience, is perfectly capable of performing these necessary tasks for you.

It is, in addition, important that your human resources follow along in this cycle of continuous improvement. Avineon therefore offers training to keep your in-house staff abreast of ongoing technology developments.

Long-Term Data and/or Application Development

Sometimes, needs and tasks arise that require a longer-term effort. Think, for example, on efforts related to data development or application development.

These types of tasks require more than a temporal project-based commitment and performing these tasks in-house would therefore tax your resources.

Avineon provides the staff you need to perform these longer-term efforts while managing all of the staff overhead.

GIS Department Management

Avineon can build or take over your GIS Department and operations, guiding and driving them forward from a position of deep industry knowledge and staff expertise.

We help identify and realize the GIS goals for your organization through an extensive collaboration and management with your administrative teams.