Design and configure the to-be GIS data model

We re-engineer existing GIS data model and review with multiple stakeholders as a part of data model/business process workshops. The inputs & decisions derived from workshops are incorporated into a detailed unified GIS data model/ architecture document.

Data Migration & Consolidation

We identify data gaps and data editing efforts prior to data migration/consolidation. We specialize in data model gap analysis, data enrichment specifications, data standardization, symbology standardization & map documents creation.  

Data Integration

We Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from multi technology/databases into the unified GIS data model using ETL tools like FME.

Validate data & data model

We conduct multi-phase pilot migrations, including full cycle of functional testing, data validation, network integrity testing, enterprise integrations testing.

Redevelop / Re-engineer GIS based applications and enterprise integrations

We redevelop & integrate various silo legacy applications into a common integrated enterprise GIS platform that works with the unified data model. We upgrade your legacy GIS integrations to SOA based integration.

Consolidate core GIS software installation and setup

We establish multiple GIS environments like Dev, Test, Preprod and Production to switch users from existing legacy GIS applications to the re-engineered applications and database with minimal business interruption(downtime).