Business Process and System Analysis

Prior to considering or implementing any change, you must understand the current “as is” state in order to make informed decisions. Avineon therefore assists in cataloguing and analyzing your current geospatial business processes, systems, and data.


Based on this current assessment, the existing issues, constraints, and bottlenecks in your business processes and systems are identified and listed.

Return on Investment Analysis

Avineon helps you define the return on investment (ROI) of proposed capital expenditure projects.


ROI data can be systematically identified by our consultants, reported in a structure that supports measurable goals, and used to secure project funding.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Avineon offers a full range of business process re-engineering services focused on geospatial systems and data use within a variety of vertical industries, including utilities (electric, gas, and water/wastewater), telecommunications, and environmental.


Our consultants are skilled and experienced in using industry best practices to identify the need for design and encourage adoption of business process changes.

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Avineon collaborates with your team to produce geospatial strategies and roadmaps that best fit your long- and short-term goals. We use a number of pre-defined industry models, a vast wealth of industry knowledge and experience, and highly skilled consultants to engage your organization and guide the development of a geospatial strategy and implementation roadmap, including needs analysis, system selection, and process definition.


Whether you need a department-wide or company-wide roadmap, Avineon is highly experienced in not only the hard technical skills needed to produce informed strategies, but also the soft people skills necessary to effectively communicate and drive change within a multi-tiered organization

Solicitation Management

With global procurement experience in multiple industries and knowledge of existing technologies and future trends, Avineon is ideally suited to assist in defining and managing a solicitation/tender process for procurement of geospatial systems or services from inception to completion.


Our consultants can define the structure of a tender process, document the requirements of the needed system or services, and support the systematic review of proposals.

Program and Project Management

Avineon understands that project leadership and management are crucial to the successful implementation of change within your organization and therefore uses methodologies such as PMBOK, Prince 2, and Agile to deliver effective management services.


Just as importantly, we strive to achieve an effective knowledge transfer to enable your staff to leverage these principles throughout your entire organization.