As-Built from Laser Scan Data

Optimize and modify your plant by using our highly accurate, intelligent, 3D as-built models, generated by using laser scanning technology in the 3D modeling process, and efficiently provide the required accurate information on clash detection and visualization of instrumentation disciplines (such as piping, mechanical, structural, electrical, etc.) to ensure a flawless project execution.

Data Migration

Avineon has the required expertise to successfully execute your data migration projects.


We migrate 3D models from one platform to another to meet your owner operator project delivery requirements and take into account the desired codes and standards in case of an EPC project data handover. Contact us for more information.

Model Updates/P&ID Administration Support

Enhance your data quality and boost productivity with our PI&D administration services for server and client setup, workshare of host side and satellite side, symbol customization, automation, and model preparation/updates.

Avineon’s P&ID administrators have almost two decades of industry experience and in-depth understanding of engineering support and design activities, using multiple software and technologies. Our engineering support technicians excel in project setup and offer automation trough SQL queries and Llama programming. Our subject matter experts carry out updates for PFD and P&ID.

Site Surveys/Redline Updates

Establish accurate, and complete, data by enhancing your data with site surveys and redline update applications and databases.

As our client, you can take advantage of our nearly 30 years of experience in executing site surveying projects, including site visits, walkthroughs, and redline updates, across various industries. Our client centric approach means that we tailor and craft solutions that meet your organization’s needs, workflows, and business requirements.