In case the standard FME software does not meet your specific needs, Avineon can help you implement the customized solutions you need. Think, for example, on different end-user needs or special applications that optimize your business processes.

We support you in the implementation and development and, if required, construct the needed links and functional enhancements to make the software fit your requirements.

FME Cloud

Similar to FME Server but as a pay-as-you-go-model. We take care of hosting and managing your FME Server instances.

FME Desktop

FME Desktop offers all functionalities to build data conversion and transformation workflows, using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

FME Server

Automate workflows built in FME Desktop. FME Server contains a framework to execute the workspace based on events.


Do you want to get started with FME, but is your theoretical knowledge to create effective solutions lacking?

Subscribe to one of our official FME training courses from Safe Software to get started or, as a more experienced user, refresh your knowledge. For advanced users, the FME Desktop Advanced training and the FME Server training will help you get the most out of FME.