Basic Engineering Support

Basic engineering design support is the first, and most important, step in any project’s detailed engineering design. Avineon offers extended basic engineering support services/Front End Engineering Design (FEED) support by utilizing the basic engineering package developed by owners/operators, process know-how licensors, or basic engineering package suppliers.

Our services focus on creating the core documentation of your projects needed to confidently prepare the detail engineering design services package. 

Detailed Engineering Support

Detailed engineering support follows FEED and basic engineering steps in the engineering process. Avineon provides the high-quality, cost-effective, and seamlessly-delivered engineering support inputs required during the construction phase of the project.

Based on the basic engineering documents, we produce the engineering support deliverables, project planning and management, procurement assistance, vendor drawings/documents review, interface and hook-up engineering of vendor package items, and as-built drawings for complex projects in the areas of process, piping, mechanical, civil and structural, electrical, and instrumentation.

Plant 3D Modeling

Plant 3D modeling enables a clash-free, multi-disciplinary, 3D design for plant visualizations and walkthroughs. We create your intelligent plant 3D model by using the most industry prominent 3D modeling software and extracting the related fabrication/construction deliverables. We help you from project set-up, over the development and customization of specifications, up to the extraction of drawings and reports as per your requirements.

We also offer support in terms of version upgrades of your existing models and/or conversion of models from one software to another.

Pre-Bid Engineering Support

Enhance your win-chance by using our specialized pre-bid engineering support services team and provide your bid teams with the support they need to arrive at the most accurate bid estimates. We help you with a clearly defined Bill of Quantities (BoQ) of items to use for EPC bidding purposes.

As part of our pre-bid engineering support activities, we prepare the material requisition for procurement and construction; the list of bulk MTOs for piping, mechanical, civil, electrical, and instrumentation; and vendor document reviews.