SDI Policy Framework Development

We set up the underlying GIS foundation system required by Spatial Data Infrastructure and establish the policy framework.

Spatial Data Standards Development

Avineon derives, develops, and implements international standards for Spatial Data Infrastructure, including specifications for the creation, maintenance, and sharing of geospatial information.

We developed ISO 19000 series-based standards for geodata classification, real-world object catalogue, data dictionary, and metadata.

SDI Database Creation and Deployment

Avineon has the capability to create and deploy your Spatial Data Infrastructure database.

Our capabilities include data modeling, data consolidation, metadata creation, data service design, and implementation. We can design, deploy, or commission your SDI IT infrastructure either on-premises or in a cloud environment.

Application Development

We design, develop, and deploy SDI geoportal and data clearing house applications.

Training and Maintenance

We conceptualize, design, and implement an awareness program to promote spatial data usage among your organization’s stakeholders. In addition, Avineon provides user and administrator trainings in combination with additional support and guidance when required.

Our maintenance services include maintenance and support for both the SDI application and infrastructure.