Primitive (R3D) Modeling

We set up the registered laser scan data, select the relevant profiles from the catalogue, match the component profile (including performing the required modifications to suit the scan profile), and model all components.

In addition, we set up your 3D model project and create the required database schemas.

3D Customization

Our 3D customization includes:


  • Specifications and catalogue
  • Piping assemblies
  • Physical supports
  • Drawing formats
  • Reporting formats
  • Design review sessions
  • Clash report management
3D Modeling

Our 3D modeling includes:


  • Equipment modeling
  • Civil and structural modelin
  • Piping modeling
  • Raceways modeling
  • HVAC modeling
  • Electrical items modeling
  • Instrument items modeling
  • Physical supports modeling
Extraction of Drawings

Our extraction of drawings includes:


  • Structural drawings
  • Piping general arrangement drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • EIT layouts
  • Material take off
  • Pipe support drawings
  • Spool drawings
Extraction of Reports

Our extraction of reports includes:


  • Equipment/nozzle list
  • Line list
  • Valve list
  • Instrument list
  • Material take off for piping, and structural
  • Interference reports
Design Review

Our design review includes:


  • Design review file
  • Walkthrough
  • Resolving design review comments