2D Data Services

Avineon is your partner for 2D data work!


Thanks to our established experience in 2D data projects, assisting hundreds of clients worldwide, we can provide specific expertise in all phases of your project life cycle. Our innovative and pro-active attitude will help you to get to that next stage.

3D Data Services

Our high-end, high-quality, 3D City and BIM models are used by leading cities all over the world in the context of their Smart City projects.


Our expertise and experience in 3D services extends towards end-to-end photogrammetric and LiDAR services.

Imagery Services

By interpretating satellite and aerial imagery and data, Avineon is producing geographical information that supports organizations in the management of their land resources.


Our in-house developed AI algorithms allow us to offer you these services in a cost-effective way.

Technical Specialties

Our team supports you with consultancy, solutions, software, and training in Data Integration and Geo Information.


We have the specific knowledge that fits the needs of your organization, and the required knowledge to solve a problem. We provide expertise in all phases of the life cycle – from design and implementation to sustainment and improvement.