Avineon Ability Accelerators

State of the art tools, offered as Accelerators, to assist with GIS upgrades and Utility Network Management preparation, migration, and governance.

Assisting with ArcGIS updates and Utility Network Management

Avineon offers a series of purpose-built tools for GIS planning, implementations, upgrades, and support initiatives, focused on accelerating your ability to deliver value from the ArcGIS platform.

Our tools therefore provide a simplified approach to improve collaboration and deploy widely used functionalities, such as the management of map displays, network tracing, and navigating to other systems through URLs in web applications.

Visualize Internal and External Dependencies

Document the use of GIS database models in detail, by tracking dependencies in “as is” to “to be” states and ramifications, to simplify impact analysis, reduce risk, guide migration, and avoid disruptions.

Improve Spatial Data Accuracy and Integration

Improve spatial and positional data accuracy and integration with other higher-accuracy land bases by using a documented, and reusable, rules-based approach.

Efficiently Migrate Data to ArcGIS Utility Network

Generate Utility Network asset packages from source datasets and account for consolidation, topology, connectivity, visualization, and quality assurance. Our tools facilitate a powerful automation to perform data migration to high-fidelity Utility Network models.

Efficiently Transfer Data Editing Versions

Export and import outstanding data editing versions from source to your target enterprise geodatabases.

Track Data Editing and Monitor Data Trends

Baseline and track progress of database changes to enable reporting over time and data governance. Monitor and share data trends to gain operational efficiencies by using desktop apps, web dashboards, and email.

Interactive Network

Configure and easily trace utility networks to display and summarize results by using various methods, including maps, hierarchical graphs, tree views, and spreadsheets.

Web/Mobile Apps

Our Web/Mobile Apps tools are out of the box tools that work across platforms and are focused on immediate value delivery, without custom development. With the advances in hardware and software applications, browser-based and mobile application mapping has become more available, affordable, and easy to use. The technology available today increases the efficiency of information sharing to both office and field staff for viewing, editing, or collecting data. Mobile GIS enables you to leverage your investment in GIS and improve coordination, communication, and productivity with field staff.

Esri offers multiple “commercial-off-the-shelf’ (COTS) purpose-built applications (Esri’s suite of apps, such as Field Maps and Survey123) which allow you to take the power of location anywhere. These ArcGIS Apps are freely available and integrate and interface with your Esri cloud-hosted ArcGIS Online web data and/or your cloud-based or on-premises Portal for ArcGIS Data.


System Governance

Get the most out of an enterprise GIS with applications that leverage interactions with other systems to empower your organization. Avineon’s solution for system governance includes analysis of your current state in order to understand the critical decisions associated with your future state. Our services deliver:


  • Information Model Analysis: Documenting data model use across applications and interfaces and high-level data model aping with Esri’s industry packages.
  • GAP Analysis: Currently implemented functionality vs. out-of-the-box Utility Network functionality and currently implemented interfaces vs. data flows using Utility Network
  • Data Analysis: Qualitative and quantitative findings and trends, data model tailoring, sample data migration, and readiness assessment


Dashboards to Govern Your Current and Future Use of the ArcGIS Platform

In this eBook (PDF) we explain how Avineon's Model Manager tool can help to provide insights into your GIS like never before.


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