Program and Service Management

Avineon’s program and service management focuses on maximizing your value throughout the entire project lifecycle.


To best meet your specific, and unique, needs and requirements, we not only implement and manage the right people but also apply the right processes and tools.

Systems Engineering

We strongly believe that the best solutions are those that are specifically tailored to your needs and focus on anticipating conflicting constraints, while solving your problems efficiently.


Avineon’s system engineering process therefore spans from genesis to retirement and revolves around the basic principle of developing tailored solutions to solve unique, specific, and exact customer problems.

Cloud Migration

Comply with industry standards and government regulations by relocating your data, digital assets, applications, and workloads into secure cloud environments, either partially or wholly.

Enterprise Resilience

Our full range of enterprise resilience services not only help you identify, react to, and recover from short-term, immediate disruptions, but also assists you in evolving your IT networks to accommodate more long-term, significant, systemic change.