Design and detail engineering support documents prepared by Avineon include:


  • Piping material specifications
  • Site survey/tie-in sketches
  • Single line structure drawings
  • Piping studies
  • Updating plot plans and key plans
  • Nozzle orientation drawings
  • 3D modeling
  • Stress analysis
  • Pipe supports
  • Clash checking
  • Model reviews
  • Interface with other disciplines
  • Isometrics
  • Piping general arrangement drawings
  • Material take offs
  • Procurement assistance

Design and detail engineering of static and rotating equipment, packages, and HVAC activities, including:


  • Mechanical data sheet preparation
  • Strength calculations by using in-house programs / PV ELITE / COMPRESS
  • Preparation of general arrangement drawings
  • Detailed fabrication drawings
  • Preparation of bill of materials
  • HVAC
- Heat load calculation
- Design / selection of equipment
- Design of ducts
- General arrangement drawings
- Duct fabrication drawings
- Duct support drawing
- Material take off


Civil and Structural

Preparing design calculations and detailed drawings, consistent with international standards for:


  • Preparation of design basis
  • Design calculations of structures, foundations
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Detailed fabrication drawings
  • Material take offs
  • Detailed engineering deliverables

Detail engineering support documents and tasks include:


  • Preparation of design basis
  • Load flow studies
  • Selection of HV/LV switchgear and motor control centers
  • Selection of AC/DC UPS
  • Selection of power/distribution transformers
  • Designing supply change over schemes for incomers and outgoing feeder control schemes
  • Selection of feeder/motor/transformer protection relays
  • Layouts-Switchyard/transformer, switchgear/MCC room, battery room, cable tray/trench, earthing, cable routing, and lightning protection
  • Material take offs
  • Technical procurement assistance
  • Standard installation drawings
  • Attend SAFOP/HAZOP meetings

Detail engineering support documents and tasks include:


  • Design basis and control philosophy
  • Instrument index
  • Sizing of control valves, orifice plates, and relief valves
  • Junction box termination drawings
  • Inter connection drawings, Loop drawings
  • Interface drawings for DCS, PLC, SCADA, and MCC
  • Layouts – cable tray / cable trench, instrument location, and earthing
  • Instrument hook up drawings
  • Cable schedules and material take offs
  • Fire and gags
  • Cause and effect drawings
  • Detailed execution drawings
  • Technical procurement assistance
  • Attending SAFOP/HAZOP meeting
    FAT and SAT procedures

Detail engineering documents and tasks include:


  • Development of P&ID’s based on FEED
  • Residual process design activities
  • Preparation of P&ID’s for utilities
  • Preparation of line list, equipment list, valve list, etc.
  • Process simulation and sizing calculations
  • Insulation and heat tracing calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations