Intelligent 2D Data Modeling

Optimize your plant operations and developments by digitizing your manual drafts through 2D CAD conversion.

Avineon has many years of experience in converting paper or scanned documents/TIFF/PDF to CAD with a high level of precision and delivers consistent quality. We work with most industry standard intelligent 2D software, such as SPPID, SPI, SPEL, Aveva P&ID, Aveva Instrumentation, Aveva Electrical, Bentley Auto Plant P&ID, and OpenPlant P&ID for the creation of your intelligent 2D deliverables.

Intelligent 3D Data Modeling

Increase the overall efficiency, uptime, and maintenance of your plant operations thanks to our intelligent 3D modeling solutions.

We use your 2D drawings, conceptual sketches, mark-ups, laser scan point cloud data, and FEED models and documents, and work with your design teams to create an intelligent, detailed, 3D model of your plant that is checked for multi-disciplinary data integrity. We, in addition, extract accurate drawings and MTOs, which are crucial to your construction teams. Contact us for more information.

Data Integration

Establish seamless access to complete, and project-integrated, data for all stakeholders to facilitate an effective, and integrated, management of your documents, with auditable traceability.

Avineon therefore integrates your intelligent 2D/2D model data to a centralized electronic data management system (EDMS), enabling users to access information through applications like SPF, Avevanet, Documentum, McLaren, TDNR, Quick Search, Live Link, etc. Avineon can perform both TEF and non-TEF integrations.