Our team

At Avineon, we aim to establish long-term relationships with both our clients and our employees. Our team, full of passionate GIS specialists, takes great pride in our 100% project success rate and highly values customer satisfaction and high quality.

The People At Avineon

Our global team consists of GIS specialists, engineering technicians, consultants, project managers, drafters, cartographers, topographers, etc. and is focused on helping your organization succeed in digital modernization, engineering support, and spatial intelligence. All are passionate about their job and strive to deliver high quality to all our customers.


All of our staff is trained in our rigorous quality management system and takes great pride in our 100% project success rate. It is our goal to establish long-term relationships and collaborations, both with our clients and employees. Our positive attitude, fondness of challenges, and strong personal skills allow us to offer tailor-made, innovative, high-quality, and agile solutions to our clients – our success formula for achieving customer satisfaction. Whether you require a bit of support in solving a perplexing (GIS) problem or rapid mobilization of a large project team to fulfill a mission critical objective, we stand ready to meet your needs, on time, every time. 

Our Global Leadership

Avineon is globally run by one management team, promoting consistency across all our operating regions, and ensuring all our customers around the world the same level of commitment to quality as expected by our reputation in the market.

Karlu Rambhala
Chief Executive

Karlu Rambhala founded Avineon in 1992 and serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As the company’s top executive, Karlu oversees all of Avineon’s divisions and strategically guides the company as it delivers sophisticated information technology (IT) systems and solutions to U.S. government and commercial clients.

Anand Subramani

As President, Anand Subramani is responsible for the overall performance and growth of Avineon’s operations while developing strategies to build on Avineon’s core competencies. His specific responsibilities include business execution across Avineon’s global footprint.

Heesun Robertson
Senior Vice President, U.S. Federal

Heesun Robertson serves as Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President, Program Operations, U.S. Federal. She has management responsibility across Avineon’s government operations, to include serving as the executive sponsor for Avineon’s continuous software process improvement initiatives, including the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI), an internationally accepted standard for process improvement.

Joel Campbell
Senior Vice President, Commercial Systems

As Senior Vice President, Commercial Systems, Joel Campbell is responsible for all division strategy and services provided to commercial, state, and local government customers, including geospatial and engineering support services. In addition, he is also responsible for the oversight and daily operations of Avineon’s offices in Saint Petersburg, Florida and Traverse City, Michigan.

Peter van Es
Managing Director, Avineon Europe Ltd.

As CEO and Managing Director of Avineon’s European subsidiary, Avineon Europe Ltd., Peter van Es is responsible for the day-to-day administrative and technical functions of Avineon’s European operations and facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Benelux. His specific responsibilities include finance, business development, human resource development, and general administration.

Raghu Ganeshan
President, Avineon India Pvt. Ltd.

Raghu Ganeshan serves as President of Avineon India Private Limited (AIPL), the India-based subsidiary of Avineon, Inc. He leads the company’s strategic growth initiatives across India, MEA, SEA, and ANZ regions. In addition, he holds direct responsibility for Avineon’s global center for operational excellence in Hyderabad, India for engineering support services, geospatial, and IT services.

Ed Morris
Chief Financial

Ed Morris is a seasoned financial executive with an extensive background in finance, accounting, business and strategic planning as well as internal audit across Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, early stage ventures, and privately held middle market companies. As Chief Financial Officer, Ed works strategically with our executive leadership on overall directional issues and financial affairs.

Chad Davis
Vice President/
General Counsel

As Vice President/General Counsel, Chad Davis supports Avineon’s operations worldwide on contractual, compliance, and related legal matters. He has over 18 years of experience with Avineon and more than 26 years of work in corporate transactional law.

Avineon Leader Talks

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Avineon's journey of helping clients optimize their operations and execute their mission critical tasks started in 1992. We aim to be the global experts at improving any business or agency by using innovative technologies to visualize systems, assets, and data. 

Our Partners

We leverage our business partner network to accelerate deployment and value generation of our solutions and services to all our clients, collaborating with partners to leverage best-of-breed-technologies along with our best practices and domain expertise.

Working At Avineon

Join our team of global experts, focused on delivering value to our clients through digital modernization, engineering support and spatial intelligence services. We understand that our success highly depends on our employees and thus strive to provide an excellent work environment.