Proof of Concept

Looking for a way to dispose of that backlog or outsource that regular work, but unsure on how to start? Let us keep it small and just do it! Our local domain specialist will partner with you – to reach the best result, we will not only support, but also challenge, you in a pro-active way.


Our interactive support includes:


  • Defining the project
  • Getting to specifications
  • Getting to clear working instructions
  • Showing you the final result
  • Defining the budget for the entire project
Data Quality Control

Our experienced team helps you to define the required quality level goals in terms of positional quality, completeness, and consistency. We advise you on how to control the results of the conversion project.


Avineon can also execute the controls of a conversion project executed by another vendor.

Data Conversion

Avineon helps you take that next step in your digital conversion process by converting your analog or digital raster sources into digital vector format.

We can convert your data on-site or off-site, and on your platform (via a remote connection) or on our in-house developed high performance data conversion platform (ADCS). Avineon has experience in all GIS platforms and brings industry best practice experience, based on hundreds of successfully executed projects.