Vodcast As-Built Engineering

9 August 2021

Tune in for our Vodcast on "As-Built Engineering Services" and discover the benefits of maintaining up to date plant as-built information and learn how Avineon can help you in this process. During this session, Mr. Ragotham, Sr. Vice President Engineering Business Development; Mr. Prabhanjan, Vice President Engineering Services; and Mr. Raghu Ganeshan, President of Avineon India will share their experience and expertise in the specific area of "As-Built Engineering".




As-built information is critical throughout the lifecycle of plant operations and maintenance since it hosts data that is accessed by all stakeholders in their decision-making process. Accurate and up to date as-built data are therefore essential to help record and provide accurate information related to design changes, modifications, field changes, or any extra modifications that occurred during the construction and operation phases of a plant.


Avineon's as-built services include as-built engineering support from cloud point data, site survey and redlining, updating drawings as per redline mark-ups, creating intelligent documents/models, TEF and non-TEF integration, and 2D drawing conversion. We help our clients with millimeter-level accurate modeling of their existing facilities through laser scanning techniques and offer complete as-built solutions to customers worldwide. 


Feel free to contact us for more information, check out our "As-Built Engineering Support" web page, or download the full Vodcast video.