Avineon Acquires Tensing International

27 January 2020

Oud Gastel - Waardenburg, Netherlands – January 26, 2020 – Karlu Rambhala, Chief Executive Officer of Avineon, announces the acquisition of Tensing International B.V., located in Waardenburg, Netherlands. As one of the leading GIS consulting companies in the Netherlands, Tensing has helped clients succeed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Esri and Safe Software’s FME Technology. With a focus on innovation, client engagement, and high-end technical expertise, Tensing provides consulting services, project management, and GIS development and administration for clients across the Netherlands and beyond.


Both an Esri Gold Partner and Safe Software (FME) Silver Partner, Tensing adds over 60 high-caliber GIS consultants to Avineon’s global professional services team. With a shared focus on delivering value added services to clients, Avineon and Tensing will now combine experiences to collaborate on new initiatives that provide the most impact to our global clients. Complementary to Avineon’s capabilities, Tensing creates robust innovations, such as geo-data powered applications that leverage 3D BIM and GIS, Geographic Language Processing, and advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence for Remote Sensing Object Detection. Together, as two leading geographic data-focused companies, Avineon and Tensing will continue to innovate and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to clients worldwide.


“The addition of Tensing’s top-notch talent, culture, and management to the strength of Avineon’s existing data engineering and services team, will create one of the world’s largest sources of expertise in both Esri and Safe technologies, supporting and driving value for utilities, telecom, and government customers,” notes Peter van Es, Managing Director, Avineon Europe.


“We are proud to become a part of the global capabilities of Avineon, who recognize Tensing as innovation and consulting leaders in the geospatial market in both Esri and Safe Software technologies,” notes Dave Laurier, Managing Director, Tensing. “We are very excited about new growth opportunities this acquisition provides. Together with Avineon, we look forward to extending the Tensing brand and offerings internationally and into new industries.”


“The acquisition of Tensing is further evidence of Avineon’s commitment to offer extended value and services to our growing list of customers as a global leader in Geo-ICT [Geographic Information and Communications Technology],” adds Anand Subramani, President, Commercial Systems.


Avineon offers geospatial products and services to numerous industries, including electric, gas, water, and telecommunications utilities as well as local, regional and national government agencies. Avineon’s Design, Implement, and Sustain approach supports delivery of end-to-end geospatial solutions.


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