Develop a Concept of Use

Review current processes used for GIS development, testing, and deployment and recommend the optimal use of Model Manager that is consistent with your organization’s GIS and IT processes.

Baseline Your Current Model

Facilitate the installation of Model Manager and audit the current GIS state by initializing dashboards across use cases, dependencies, data sources, business functions, and data models.

Blueprint Your Future

Analysis of the transition and future states of an organization’s GIS by comparing as-is data models to future data models with an impact analysis on current GIS uses across the enterprise.

Modernize for the Future

Plan the modernization strategy of current state use cases (maps, apps, customizations, dashboards, reports, etc.) by leveraging improvements and new capabilities in the ArcGIS platform to deliver greater levels of automation and value to your business.

Model Map through Transitions

Map current state data models with the transition and future state data models, such as foundational models (local government, UPDM, Utility Network, parcel fabric, etc.) and best practices developed by Avineon, partner vendors and associations within relevant domains.