Feature Recognition

Avineon is at the forefront of using geo-Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques (such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks), enabling the automation of feature recognition on satellite, aerial, and LiDAR imagery.

We can use our knowledge to increase efficiency of your land use land cover projects and field surveying tasks by detecting specific features (such as solar panels, tanks, or silos) in an automated way. We can also add attributes to objects on any imagery-based map.

Large-Scale Mapping

Avineon provides a range of photogrammetric services to create and update large-scale maps. We take care of your entire project – from mobile and/or aerial acquisition to the delivery of the final digital maps.

Avineon works with reliable partners for the acquisition and executes all other tasks in-house. We built a proven track record through executing projects for large customers around the world, including some renowned national mapping agencies.

Satellite Mapping

Our mapping services and imagery analysis are designed to fit the scope, budget, and timescale of your project.

We can use image data in different resolutions and from a wide range of satellite operators. We acquire, process, and deliver archived and recently captured optical, radar, and multispectral satellite imagery.