Application Development

Geospatial application developments that meet your demands in terms of quality and performance.


Avineon develops applications for a wide range of geospatial solutions, ranging from ArcGIS Enterprise and online to Web AppBuilder and mobile.

EOS GPS Devices

Supercharge your field operations, gain accuracy, and streamline your operations with accurate and easy-to-use EOS GPS devices.


As a business partner of EOS, Avineon offers complete packages, combining the EOS GPS devices themselves with our services offered for the installation, implementation, development, training, and support of these GPS devices.

Esri Utility Network

Are you looking to migrate to ArcGIS Pro and the new Esri Utility Network platform? Avineon is the partner you need!


We not only participated in the alpha and beta testing of the platform and have, since then, built an extensive expertise in both consultancy and implementation of this platform for customers worldwide, but we also developed a number of innovative tools to support both you and us in this process. Our expertise covers electric, gas, and water/wastewater projects.

GIS Strategy and Roadmap

Avineon has the knowledge and experience to create forward-thinking strategies and roadmaps to help guide and make new technology to work for the benefit of your business, providing better service to your operations and your customers.


We strive towards maximizing the values from existing investment, leveraging new technologies, and assisting customers with roadmaps for lifecycle asset performance management.

Implementation of Esri Technologies

Avineon is your go-to partner for Esri ArcGIS enterprise-level implementations! Discover the full power of your GIS and trust Avineon, a specialty-holding, gold-level Esri partner with global resources, for your Esri implementations.


Our teams are not only experienced in designing and implementing GIS infrastructures from the ground up, but also in migrating, updating, and enhancing already existing installations. Avineon has a large pool of certified Esri consultants.

Managed Services

Avineon’s managed services ensure that you derive the full potential of your GIS investment.


Our services include, among others, upgrading GIS software as new versions are released, migrating to, and maintenance of, cloud infrastructures, methodical testing of GIS configurations, databases, and customizations, and online/telephone support for your end-users.


Avineon has expertise on the various FME licensing models and can advise on, and supply you with, Safe FME software licenses.


Our helpdesk will, in addition, provide the required after-sales support.


Do you want to get started with FME, but is your theoretical knowledge to create effective solutions lacking?


Subscribe to one of our official FME training courses from Safe Software at Tensing (an Avineon subsidiary) to get started or, as a more experienced user, refresh your knowledge. For advanced users, the FME Desktop Advanced training and the FME Server training will help you get the most out of FME.