Project Design and Set-Up

We perform an extensive analysis of existing data, systems, applications, and staff expertise/resources to build focused and comprehensive project plans, database designs, and specifications. These will guide our efforts in terms of performing the implementation tasks and training.


As a first step of the implementation, Avineon consolidates, builds, and refines your data, including mounting and levering field-based operations. We then build/transform/connect your systems, software, and applications to optimize the use of your enhanced data.

The implementation phase is characterized by an extensive client interaction and collaboration to address bumps along the way and guide all tasks to a successful completion.


After completing the initial implementation, we help ensure the long-term success of your enhanced data, systems, and applications by putting the required maintenance resources and training in place. A key success factor here is to consider the “human side” of the equation by providing both extensive trainings at all levels and documentation on all resources developed.


Avineon also offers managed services, tailored to your specific needs and demands, to assist you, as much as possible, in the burden of sustaining these complex systems and operations.