Metrics Extension to ArcGIS for Enterprise

Avineon’s Metrics Extension is an ArcGIS Server extension to baseline and track progress of database changes for reporting and data governance.

The data is presented in both a desktop app and an Operations Dashboards to help you establish user trust in GIS data, elevate ownership and stewardship, implement data governance, and automate reporting and sharing processes.

Model Manager for ArcGIS Pro

Get insights into your GIS like never before!

Start making effective, useable, modeling decisions; reduce complexities; streamline standards and processes; and easily identify gaps and inconsistencies in model properties.

The use of Avineon’s Model Manager plug-in for ArcGIS Pro results in the implementation of Information Model Dashboards that allow you to effectively visualize and communicate the role and value provided by GIS in both the current and future state.

Net Explorer

Avineon’s Net Explorer is a useful tracing and interacting tool, displaying trace results in map, tree, table, and graph views. Our tool offers a one-click tracing for end-users by combining and simplifying the several steps associated with a typical trace functionality. It is, in addition, possible to create trace libraries for reuse.