Proof of Concept

Looking for a way to dispose of that backlog or outsource that regular work, but unsure on how to start? Let us keep it small and just do it! Our local domain specialists will partner with you – to reach the best result, we will not only support, but also challenge, you in a proactive way.


Our interactive support includes:


  • Defining the project
  • Getting to specifications
  • Getting to clear working instructions
  • Showing you the final result
Data Quality Audit

Our experienced team performs an independent data quality audit, giving you a clear understanding of the exact quality levels of your database in terms of positional quality, completeness, and consistency.

Data Improvement

Avineon helps you take that next step in terms of data quality by bringing your data to the next level in a short period of time. Our services include, among others:


  • Extending your data with additional objects or features
  • Adding specific information to your data
  • Checking and improving the consistency of your data
  • Improving the positional accuracy of your data
Data Maintenance

Struggling to keep up with the constant flow of regular data changes requested by your operations department? Team up with Avineon and let us become your personal outsourced drafting team!


We have the required subject matter expertise in your domain and established efficient processes to maintain your asset database. We can work directly in your GIS environment, or work with data exchange protocols, depending on your preference and need. We meet your KPIs – both in terms of quality and timing.