Data Modeling

To get more insights out of your data, a good understanding of how your data is used, manipulated, accessed, and integrated across your entire organization is essential.

By modeling your data, you can learn how to unlock new opportunities to both analyze and apply data science techniques, ultimately facilitating the creation of operational value and efficiency.

In addition, we determine the sequence and interaction of these processes.

Machine Learning

Applying the right machine learning techniques to the right domain use cases contributes to a faster, value generating decision making and trend analysis for your organization.

Avineon helps you implement the right algorithms to unlock true value for your organization. Our domain expertise and technical acumen ranges from natural language processing to object recognition, deep learning methodologies, and machine learning.

Big Data Analysis

We help you discover value and information from large data sets by using methods, architecture, hardware, and software that can scale, unlike normal business systems.

We leverage the latest applications built for large scale data analytics and data science and focus on a return on investment that can yield the required investment for big data demands.

Business Intelligence

Uncover difficult-to-find patterns, trends, and levers to your business with new technologies that can integrate disparate systems.

Integrating your disparate systems, and thus drawing new intelligence with analytics and new methodologies, enables you to find more efficient ways to a better bottom-line and can even change the way your organization operates.