Strategy and Roadmap

GIS Strategy and Roadmap

In our ever-changing world, the use of new data and tools leveraging the advances in technology is not a question of “if” but “when.” Avineon has the knowledge and experience in creating forward-thinking strategies and roadmaps to help guide and make this technology to work to the benefit of your business, providing better service to your operations and your customers.


Avineon’s consultative and process-driven approach to the creation and implementation of strategies and roadmaps has delivered significant value for many customers with improvements in planning, coordination of work, and effective utilization of resources when deploying geospatial technologies.

End User

Success in any technology assessment and planning project requires that the resulting plan be built from the perspective and requirements of end users.


Active and open participation from all stakeholders and management is critical to making the resulting vision and plan achieve this result.


Avineon has developed an open and transparant assessment process providing all stakeholders with multiple opportunities to participate in the process and to provide feedback and guidance.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach comprised of design, implement, and sustain initiatives is derived from decades of utility and public sector experience that has resulted in comprehensive technology assessment and implementation plans for our customers.


We strive towards maximizing the values from existing investment, leveraging new technologies, and assisting customers with roadmaps for lifecycle asset performance management.


Understand your current GIS state and build an initial Roadmap to your future GIS state


Avineon performs a Current State Assessment (including a review and documentation of existing implementation, software, hardware infrastructure, system interdependencies, data and system governance, applications, workflow and business process, and overall technology utilization).

Current Activities

Current State Assessment will benchmark current business activities relative to industry best practices.

Long Range

There will likely be initiatives identified in the future state that will not be fully implemented within the five-year plan. However, these initiatives will be included for long range planning purposes and so they can be contemplated in long term budgeting and for recommended annual updates to the roadmap document.


We identify the full information-gathering process/tasks needed to develop a future state vision and Roadmap (interview stakeholders, presentation of findings, creation of information summary documents, etc.)


Our multifaceted information-gathering approach will provide critical information on current program status, technical architecture, business processes and workflows, user applications and needs, management policies and practices impacting technology operations, and ideas for expanded technology user and applications.


Mature the Roadmap from current state to the envisioned future state


Once the Current State Assessment (CSA) is accepted, Avineon will use the findings from the information-gathering tasks to develop and deliver a finalized future state vision or Roadmap, incorporating opportunities for change management, technology adoption, and cross unit efficiency.


The Roadmap will be driven by identified user needs, customer demands, workflows and business processes, and anticipated regulatory requirements. This vision will include a gap analysis to determine specific requirements for improved data, applications, and infrastructure to meet the needs identified.


We use the information-gathering tasks to create and deliver a finalized Roadmap. Avineon views a five-year roadmap as an implementation plan for moving from the current state to the desired future state. 


Emerging technologies will be reviewed relative to the identified needs and those that may be relevant to the future operations will be discussed. In our analysis of emerging technologies, we will consider the potential far reaching impacts of maturing mobile technologies, cloud services, machine learning, and the internet of things on operations.


The Roadmap will also expressly address any needs that emerge from information collection and use related to data, system governance, regulatory requirements, and human resources.

Sustain and Grow

Provide strategic support for mid to long term transitions from current to future state


Using an Agile methodology, we incorporate new technology and best practices and further refine the Roadmap past the 3-5 year time frame to the next evolution of the enterprise GIS.


Identification of Governance tools to support ongoing operations and monitoring of data trends.


Recommendations for organizational structure, staffing levels, and experience/qualifications to meet the strategy based on industry best practices and peer reviews.


Review of managed services approach to supporting ongoing operations.

Improving Your Business

In this guide (PDF) we explain how Avineon can help to improve your organization by visualizing your systems, assets, and data.


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