EOS GPS Device Acquisition

Avineon not only supports the evaluation and decision making process of selecting the device and accessories best suited to meet your needs and requirements, but also performs the ordering process related to your acquisition.

We store all information in a database of your choice and, in addition, provide periodic reports on the request handling.

Initial Installation and Configuration

We help you to get started with your EOS devices.


In most cases, our knowledgeable staff will pre-configure your devices before delivery, especially if they are intended to be used with one or more mobile applications.


Our team assists you in the integration of your EOS GPS devices with both existing mobile applications and newly custom designed applications specific to your needs and requirements.

Training and Support

We help train your personnel at multiple levels, including administrators, developers, field users, and office users, ultimately enabling you to maximize the utility of these powerful devices.

Follow-up support is always available to help you address bumps in the road, facilitate your interactions with EOS, or expand the use of your EOS GPS devices into additional mobile applications.