Maximise value leveraging Information Model Dashboards

Need to understand who is using your GIS, for what, and how? How do you visualise dependencies? Do you want to communicate the current and future state of your GIS? Use Information Model Dashboards to get insight into your GIS like never before!


Customer: Traverse City Light and Power


Region / Country: United States


Industry: Utilities


Solution: Model Manager


Model Manager


The Client: Traverse City Light and Power

Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) is a public electric utility, owned and operated by Traverse City Michigan. TCL&P has been providing reliable, responsive, not-for-profit electric service to over 12,000 customers for over 108 years. TCL&P has been using ArcGIS and related third party products for over 20 years to maintain and analyse the digital representation of its electric network system. Avineon’s Michigan office has been serving TCL&P since 2002 with GIS design, implementation, and support.

The Challenge: Communicating the Value Provided by ArcGIS

TLC&P needed an efficient way to communicate the current use of ArcGIS and plan for future use. This capability is essential to fully understand the ArcGIS capabilities currently in use and plan the future role of GIS in the company’s multi-year digital strategy. Overall, TCL&P needed an effective way to visualise:


  1. How is ArcGIS set up and used?
  2. Which fields and domains / domain values are used versus unused?
  3. Which use cases need testing during updates and upgrades?
  4. Which apps can be consolidated and modernised in the future state?
  5. Which additional use cases can ArcGIS support in the future state?

The Solution: Consulting Services and Innovative Tools

TCL&P leveraged consulting services and innovative tools for ArcGIS from Avineon to tackle the challenge. The iterative approach, mostly performed on-line, resulted in establishing information model dashboards for TCL&P, using Avineon’s Model Manager.


Model Manager

The Result

The key outcome from this engagement is the centralisation of institutional knowledge spread across people and documents. Maintaining content in information model dashboards using ArcGIS Pro has resulted in a sustainable approach to share and collaborate on the role played by GIS within the enterprise’s digital landscape.


  • Visualising Use Cases:
Using Avineon's Model Manager for the implementation of a use cases dashboard, which provides the comprehensive listing of use cases supported by ArcGIS across local, network, and online environments.
  • Visualising Dependencies:
Using Avineon's Model Manager for the inventory of relationships into an interactive dependencies dashboard, which is used to visualise (i) use cases impacted by a layer/subtype/field, and (ii) layers/subtypes/fields associated with a use case.
  • Visualising Domains:
Using Avineon's Model Manager for the inventory of domains and domain values into a domains dashboard, which is used to visualise (i) classes and fields in which a particular domain is used, (ii) all domains configured on a class, and (iii) domain values used vs. unused across the geodatabase.
  • Visualising Data Trends:
Using Avineon's Model Metric for the trending of data by feature class, subtype, and assets of interest into a data trends dashboard, which is used to understand and analyse (i) feature counts by layer/class, and (ii) percentage populated by field.


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