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Avineon's Utility Network Head Start

Get a Head Start and Generate Value Now by Participating in Esri’s Utility Network Beta!

Key Benefits | Beginning Your Journey

Esri’s Utility Network is a groundbreaking transformation of enterprise GIS within an organization with a new data model and revamped desktop and web software.

The upcoming Utility Network framework enables electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility companies to elevate the business value that their Geographic Information System (GIS) delivers to their employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders both in the office and in the field.

With active participation in Esri’s Utility Network Beta, utilities can generate short and long term value across the organization and get a Head Start on implementing this highly anticipated release. Immediate value that can be realized includes:

Early Assessment of Business Impact

Gain a deeper understanding of the new data model, software capabilities, and impact to your business or department.

Direct Feedback to Esri

Voice your feedback to Esri to minimize future customization needs and improve your return on investment from implementing Utility Network in the future.

Optimize Investments

Intelligently evaluate your current GIS initiatives to ensure that they align with the Utility Network features and requirements.

Change Management

Modify current editing and programming practices to ease the transition of data and applications to Utility Network.

Kick Off Innovation

Establish a GIS innovations center to encourage GIS app ideas with greater functional capabilities and value to rate payers

As an active participant and contributor in Esri’s early adopter program, Avineon’s staff is ready to assist your GIS and IT teams with a guided beta evaluation project via our Head Start program. For further information, please contact our experts at headstart@avineon.com.