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Business Drivers

Acquisitions and mergers often leave the combined organization with multiple GIS platforms and spatial datasets. While consolidating and standardizing these systems can be a labor-intensive and expensive process, the alternative of non-standardized, duplicative processes and toolsets is hardly more desirable. At worst, maintaining multiple systems can undermine many of the planned benefits of business consolidation.

Description of Services

When consolidating to a single system is cost-prohibitive, Avineon implements Spatial Eye technologies to overcome this challenge. This software permits companies to normalize spatial data and establish governance programs across diverse proprietary and non-proprietary GIS datasets without making any changes to the existing systems.

Benefits of Selecting Avineon

Spatial Eye’s web and desktop products, combined with Avineon’s professional services, provide direct view, query, and analyze functions across multiple GIS platforms without making changes to the originating GIS platforms.

Delivery Models

Capability Software Licensing Consulting Services Implementation Services Supported Platforms
Cross GIS Desktop Viewing and Analytics Esri Geodatabase, Esri ArcSDE, Esri Shape, AutoCAD, Diasys, ECW / JP2, Enterprise Gateway, Firebird, KML, LizardTech, Smallworld VMDS, MID / MIF, TAB, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL, MicroStation DGN, Oracle, Spatial Warehouse, WMS
Cross GIS Web Viewing and Analytics
Cross System (GIS, OMS, WMS, MDS, CIS, etc.) Spatial Data Viewing and Analytics