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Avineon has extensive experience with large as-builting projects, updating engineering records to match conditions in the field. Our staff is skilled in traditional techniques such as manual survey and redlining, as well as the latest technology such as laser scanning.

Avineon’s as-built services include:

  • As-built engineering from cloud point data
  • Site survey and redlining
  • Updating drawings as per red line markups
  • Creation of intelligent P&IDs
  • TEF integration
  • 2D drawing conversion

As-Built Engineering from Cloud Point Data

Avineon provides 3D modeling services from cloud point data to clients who require highly accurate documentation of their existing facilities. Avineon partners with laser scanning vendors to offer complete as-built solutions, including laser scanning, cloud point data, primitive modeling, intelligent modeling, and related deliverables, for customer locations worldwide.

Avineon can translate as-built data captured into millimeter-accurate 3D CAD models using software such as SmartPlant 3D, PDMS, PDS, CADWorx, AutoCAD and MicroStation. Cloud point data collected from laser scanning can be converted to produce an accurate 3D as-built CAD model, intelligent or non-intelligent, as required for individual projects.

Our CAD technicians have completed numerous as-built modeling projects. We have sufficient resources and experience to ensure your laser-scanned data is modeled quickly and cost effectively. Our proven work process ensures both consistency and quality.

Site Survey

Avineon has extensive experience in manual site survey of existing plants. Our staff collects existing drawings and use them as a reference to measure as-built dimensions for P&IDS, equipment, piping, structure, civil, electrical, instrumentation, and other miscellaneous items in the plant. We then submit red-line mark-ups to professionals in charge of plant operations in their respective disciplines for final approval.

Updating Drawings as per Red Line Markups

Avineon’s engineering support team has vast experience in updating drawings in accordance with red-line markups received our clients. We also offer this service as part of a comprehensive solution after Avineon’s personnel have completed a site survey.

Creation of Intelligent P&IDs

Avineon has rich experience in creating intelligent P&IDs from sources such as paper records, images, and scanned PDFs. Using software such as SmartPlant P&ID, vantage P&ID, AutoPlant P&ID, and PDS P&ID.

Avineon can offer complete solutions including project setup, customization, administration, troubleshooting, P&ID drafting, database consistency checks, reports (line list, equipment list, valve list, instrument list, specialty item lists, etc.) customization, report generation, and project handover.

TEF Integration

Avineon employs numerous specialists skilled in the integration of SmartPlant PID data to SmartPlant Foundation using TEF Integration. The process of publishing SmartPlant PID data to SmartPlant Foundation includes tasks such as:

  • Schema Editor
  • Create shared objects
  • Markup the changes in drawings through SmartPlant View and Markup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Schema object administration
  • SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client
  • System administration
  • Test client
  • Mapping attributes from SPPID to SPF (creating attributes in SPPID - data dictionary, registering the plant to SPF, loading the SPF schema file through Schema Editor, synchronizing the attributes between SPPID to SPF, and mapping the attributes)
  • Publishing drawings from SPPID to SPF

2D Drawing Conversion

Avineon professionals have over 18 years of experience in 2D conversion of over a million drawings for clients across the globe. We provide CAD conversion services at competitive rates with high precision and consistent quality. Our services include CAD conversion from paper, hand sketches, and scanned documents using software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation.