Avineon Awarded IRS Enterprise SharePoint Contract

28 March 2023

McLean, Virginia - March 28, 2023 - Avineon, Inc. (Avineon®), was awarded a two-year, $10 million contract to support the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Enterprise SharePoint solution.


The IRS Enterprise SharePoint program is a mission-critical application that facilitates communication and collaboration amongst 80,000 users across 28 IRS business units. Avineon has been supporting the IRS for over 10 years and this specific operation since 2017.

Under this new contract, Avineon will support the IRS Enterprise Operations (EOps) Web Infrastructure Services Division M365 Program Management Branch, SharePoint technical implementation going through the full IRS enterprise life cycle processes. The project team will communicate across the IRS to promote operations and maintenance, version currency, operational risk management, governance, policies, process integration, training, and continual service improvement. Avineon will continue to use an iterative approach to encourage user adoption of industry-best SharePoint data management practices.

Anand Subramani, Avineon's President, stated, “The Avineon team is proud of our long relationship as an IRS partner. We look forward to the opportunity to continue delivering excellent value to the IRS.” 

About Avineon® 

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