Pre-Migration Processing

Feeling overwhelmed by the amounts of data within your organisation? Feeling unsure on where to start? We got you!


We understand that you probably use various databases throughout the entire organisation, and that it all needs organising and streamlining to ensure nothing is overlooked, and everything is accounted for. Our local domain professionals will work alongside your team to guide your organisation through the entire process. Thanks to Avineon’s partnership approach, your data are in good hands.


Our hands-on approach includes: workshops to help define each department’s use of data; defining the “as is” state, and the future database; future database design; proof of concept; developing hardware specifications to support the new enterprise; data cleansing to ensure the new enterprise system is data ready; smart reports to track and record decisions made along the data journey; helping you visualise the final results.

Data Migration

Our industry standard migration tools allow the import of a pre-defined data model (including domain tables and rules), while adding and tracking additional temporary tables and attributes required to support the data mapping from the legacy database.

Avineon’s local domain experts ensure that your data is transformed, and help you achieve your corporate data vision.

Post-Migration Processing

What happens after the data migration? How will your data be displayed in the new GIS platform? Is there a need to carry out user acceptance? The most common causes of irritation and annoyance with migrated data are often related to white-space management:


  • Automatically placed annotations may not be displayed with the desired rotation angle
  • Street names may not be displayed with the desired frequency
  • Text and symbols can overlap on the desired mapping scale in densely populated areas

Avineon can help remove and correct any non-conformances in your data. Upfront to performing a data migration, we take steps to eliminate errors, ensuring that, once your data is in the new system, it meets all quality standards.