UK Modern Slavery Act

While Avineon Europe Limited's turnover is under the £36m threshold for Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, our team acknowledges the significance of issues pertaining to slavery and human trafficking. In the context of our operations, we understand that these concerns are generally associated with supply chains, which in our case predominantly involves the engagement of independent consultants, service providers, and procurement of software-related goods and services. Given the nature of these interactions, we regard our exposure to such risks as minimal.


Although Avineon Europe Limited's operations present a low risk in relation to slavery or human trafficking, we aim to engage with reputable suppliers and to avoid, where possible, contracts with suppliers or subcontractors based in regions known for significant slavery and/or human trafficking risk.


As part of our due diligence, we may conduct assessments of potential suppliers to understand their risk profiles. These assessments, where performed, are typically reviewed under our Quality Management System (QMS). However, please note that these processes are not obligations, but rather practices we may use as appropriate to our business operations and relationships.


In line with our ethical business considerations, Avineon Europe Limited does not knowingly support any supply chain where credible evidence of slavery or human trafficking exists. However, our capacity to monitor and enforce these principles across all interactions may be limited due to the nature and scale of our operations.


Avineon Europe Limited unequivocally does not support a supply chain where we have credible evidence of slavery or human trafficking. We are committed to maintaining ethical business practices and fostering a business environment free from exploitative labour practices.