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Avineon et Tensing Certifiés Utility Network Management Specialty par Esri

Acteurs internationaux dans les domaines du Géospatial, de l’ingénierie et des SIG, Avineon et Tensing sont fiers d’avoir reçu leur label Esri « Utility Network Management Speciality », ..........

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The Holy Grail of BIM

New technological advancements are driving operational efficiencies, opportunities to enhance infrastructure, and additional methods to ignite growth for both developing and developed countries. Integrating BIM with..........

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GeoBIM: Converging GIS and BIM

Geo-engineering and Geo-design require engineering and geospatial professionals to cooperate closely, bringing together data, technologies, and processes.

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GeoBIM: Data formats and models for converging GIS & BIM

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a significant transformation in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) industry. The interrelationships between building information modeling (BIM) on the on..........

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GeoBIM: Convergence of GIS & BIM in developing Urban Infrastructure

Geographic Information Systems have been traditionally used to model the urban infrastructure and to perform 2D spatial analysis on databases covering large areas in less detail. 

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Location matters! GIS: more than just maps

More than ever, geospatial knowledge is critical to get the insights you need from your data. Although maps are an important data source in GIS, and a way to visualize the results, GIS is about so much more. It is a..........

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