Avineon offers customized solutions for major utility sectors including electric, gas, water, and more.


Competition and government regulations place increasing pressure on gas utilities to operate at the highest service levels. To survive in today’s demanding marketplace, gas utilities must upgrade their information and asset management systems to improve operational efficiency, customer service, and regulatory compliance.

This is where Avineon, a full service information technology company with extensive knowledge and experience, can assist gas distribution, transmission, and pipeline companies. Avineon provides cutting-edge data engineering, geospatial, asset management, IT, and system integration services and solutions.

Avineon supports gas utility customers ranging from small regional providers to large conglomerates. Our staff can help to improve operations throughout the gas delivery life cycle from recovery through refinement, transmission, and distribution.


To succeed in today's electric utility marketplace, companies must deliver the highest level of service to their customers, while complying with stringent government regulations and facing more competition than ever before. These challenges require electric utilities to optimize their business and technology processes by modernizing operations such as infrastructure processes, information technology, asset management, and engineering.

Avineon is a full service IT company with extensive expertise in providing customized services and cutting-edge solutions to electric utilities around the world. From California to Dubai, our team provides cutting-edge data engineering, geospatial, asset management, IT, and system integration services and solutions.

Our experience ranges from street light networks in small municipalities to multi-state transmission and distribution service areas, spanning thousands of square miles. Many of our electric utility customers have relied on Avineon’s expertise for over a decade and our staff stands ready to provide similar high quality support to your organization.

Water / Sewer

With aging infrastructure, growing regulatory requirements, and ongoing security concerns, water, wastewater, and storm water utilities face increasingly difficult challenges. Avineon is a full service information technology company with the knowledge, experience, and commitment to provide such clients with total infrastructure services and solutions using state-of-the-art business and quality processes at a competitive cost.

Our experience ranges from relatively simple geospatial data enhancement projects to enterprise system implementations for water/wastewater service providers for some of the largest cities in the U.S. No matter the size, Avineon’s staff stand ready to support your IT, geospatial, and engineering support needs.