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Avineon utilizes state of the art software, hardware, and facilities to support Plant Design Automation projects. We are closely associated with all major software and hardware vendors in the industry.

Avineon offers a complete range of plant design solutions and services for various industries, with a focus towards EPCs and owner / operators in the process and power industries. As further detailed below, our services include creation of intelligent P&IDs using existing paper drawings or static CAD files; 3D modeling of equipment, piping, structures, instrumentation and other facilities using Plant Design Solutions (PDS) and Plant Design Management solutions (PDMS) software; and extraction of detailed construction drawings and documents.

Project Setup

  • Creation of database schemas
  • Site ID creation for work share projects

3D Customization

  • Piping specifications (DIN, JIS, ASME)
  • Piping specialty and instrument components
  • EDEN programming
  • Piping assemblies
  • Physical supports
  • Drawing formats
  • Report formats
  • Design review sessions
  • Clash report management

3D Modeling

  • Equipment modeling
  • Structural modeling
  • Piping modeling
  • Raceways modeling
  • HVAC modeling
  • Physical supports modeling

Extraction of Drawings

  • Structural drawings
  • Piping general arrangement drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • Material take off
  • Pipe support drawings
  • Spool drawings

Extraction of Reports

  • Equipment / nozzle list
  • Line list
  • Valve list 
  • Instrument list
  • Material take off for piping, structural
  • Interference reports

Design Review

  • Design review file
  • Walkthrough
  • Resolving design review comments

Creation of Intelligent P&IDs

  • Project setup
  • Database customization
  • Intelligent P&IDs
  • Report customization
  • Report extraction – equipment list, valve list, line list, instrument list, and piping MTO
  • Publish to SmartPlant Foundation (SPF)

Smartplant 3D

PDS to SmartPlant 3D Migration

  • Piping spec / catalog data translation
  • Equipment symbols and parts translation
  • Structural (FWP) catalog translation
  • Raceway spec / catalog translation
  • Model data migration
    • Model export from PDS
    • Model import from SP3D

SmartPlant 3D

  • Project set-up
  • Piping spec / catalog data creation
  • Plant creation
  • Piping, equipment, raceways specification, and catalog customization
  • Structural library customization
  • New symbols using Visual Basic programming customization
  • Drawing output format customization
  • Report customization
  • 3D modeling of equipment, piping, raceways, HVAC, and structural
  • Pipe support modeling

SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) Services

  • Project setup
  • Database customization
  • Instrument index
  • Specifications
  • Calculations
  • Process data
  • Wiring
  • Hook-ups
  • Report extraction


  • Conversion of hard copy / images to electronic format


  • Site survey
  • Uploading drawings as per red line markups