• Analytics for GIS
  • Automate flow of information to users

Product Description

The Avineon, Inc.® Metrics Extension™ to ArcGIS for Enterprise is an analytics solution for geodatabases across all industries. Providing a zero-programming approach to leverage your geodatabase investment, this solution enables historical reporting, data governance, advanced visualization, and analytics for executives, managers, employees, and customers.


The Metrics Extension provides functionality to define, schedule, compute, and store global and regional trends (e.g., counts, length, mileage, area, etc.) at a specified frequency to visualize using Insights for ArcGIS. The computations are stored as dimensions and facts in online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes for Business Intelligence tools and the analytics are also emailed as spreadsheets to stake holders at scheduled frequency.

Analytics Current Recent ~7d ~30d ~90d ~1y ~2y
11-10-15 11-07-15 11-03-15 10-10-15 08-10-15 11-10-14 11-10-13
  +/- % +/- % +/- % +/- % +/- % +/- %
Land and Environment

Land Use, Classification, Surface, Type, Ownership, Permits, Projects, Quality, Compliance






Real Estate and Facilities

Type, Occupancy, Risks, Claims

Infrastructure and Assets

Type, Size, Month/Year Installed, Manufacturer, Material, Model, Configuration

Operations and Maintenance

Customers, Inspections, Preventive Maintenance, Service Request

Security, Public Safety and Emergency Management

Calls, Incident Types, Damages, Resources

Data Quality

% Populated, Null Values, Invalid Values


  • Flexible Licensing Model
  • Annual Support and Maintenance
  • Quick Start Package with Installation, Configuration, and Training Support
  • Online Training Classes
    • Installation and Administration
    • Defining and Scheduling Analytics

Standard Metrics

  • Measure (Count, Length, Area) all Feature Classes By Subtype
  • Versions Count by Depth and Age
  • Unposted Changes by Feature Class
  • Measure Field Density

User Defined Metrics (Samples)

Utilities and Communications – Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, Water, Waste Water

  • Joint Use by Company and Attachment Type
  • Pole Count by Class, Year Installed, and District
  • Conductor Miles by Material, Size, and District
  • Transformer Count by Size, Manufacturer, and District
  • Fuse Count by Size, Phase, and Circuit
  • Services Count by Zip Code
  • Pipe Miles by Material, Size, and District
  • Valve Count by Size, Type, and Pressure Zone

Government – Federal, Defense, State, Local

  • Hydrant Inspections by Pressure Zone
  • Snow Plowing by District
  • Street Cleaning Miles by Month
  • EMS/CAD Incidents by Type, Neighborhood, School District, and Congressional District
  • Street Miles by Type, Use, and District
  • Parcel Count by Type, and Neighborhood
  • Parcel Area by Type, and Zoning District
  • Vegetation Area by Type, and Planning District
  • Impervious Surface Area by Tax District
  • Fire Hydrant Count by Manufacturer, Model, and Pressure Zone
  • Street Light Count by Size, Type, and Neighborhood