OPenIG Professional Days

18 May 2022

Avineon will participate in the OPenIG Professional Days (CRIGE Occitanie) that carries the theme "Geomatics of tomorrow: AI and climate change". The event will take place on May 24th in Carcassonne (France) and in remote mode. 


OPenIG Professional Days 2022, May 24 | Carcassonne and in remote mode


Geomatics of tomorrow: AI and climate change

Artificial intelligence offers to new tools to geospatial scientists to better understand, fight, and adapt to climate change, making that, today, artificial intelligence is already at the heart of our geographic databases, processing, and GIS software. Tomorrow, however, it will even be more obvious. But how does is work exactly? 


In order to make sure that AI, machine learning, deep learning, random forest, and other acronyms do not just remain "big buzzwords", OPenIG calls on specialists with one mission: to help you understand the ins and outs of this revolution, that is not that new as you might think. 



AI at the service of the energy transition, or how to build digital twins for buildings

At Avineon, we try to do our part in monitoring and combating climate change through powerful GIS solutions that focus on improving the integration, quality, interoperability, analytics, and visualisation of company systems, assets, and data. Through our wide range of 2D and/or 3D data engineering, utility data capture, and engineering design solutions, we help our clients find ways to a more sustainable future, especially within energy transition.


We recently developed AI applications that allow us to enrich the 3D semantics of buildings, in order to better understand and monitor the potentiel in terms of energy efficieny and transition (renovation, micro heating networks, etc.) at block, district or municipal levels.


Would you like to know more? Then join Joël Planchet, Business Director Avineon France, and Alix Marc from "Montpellier Métropole" at 3:45 pm for their presentation entitled "AI at the service of the energy transition, or how to build digital twins for buildings" (presentation will be in French). 


The full program is available here and you can register here.