A solution that automatically processes all digging requests in Belgium (KLIP and KLIM-CICC) and The Netherlands (KLIC-WION), with the possibility of manual intervention before responding.

Automate your responses to all Call-Before-You-Dig requests

Any party that wants to carry out excavation works in the public domain is obliged to file a permission request. All organizations responsible for underground infrastructure then need to respond to this digging request by sending information about their infrastructure. This information needs to be sent in the correct model and format, and within the legal deadlines.

Depending on your preference, Avineon’s KLIPPER® tool will either send the responses in a fully automated way or will first request for a manual intervention. KLIPPER will not only store all information about the requests, and their responses, in a database environment of your choice, but will also periodically provide detailed reports. KLIPPER can process data from all common GIS- and database formats and can either be installed locally or in the secure environment of Avineon.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs

KLIPPER not only saves your organization a lot of time, but also a lot of money, by handling and managing digging requests in an automated way.

In Time

Never miss a deadline thanks to KLIPPER sending all responses before the legal deadline. Even when manual intervention is required, KLIPPER will always send a response in time.

Ensured Responsiveness at all Times

KLIPPER will ensure responsiveness at all times, staying in line with any evolutions in government portals, response protocols, required data models, or software versions.

KLIPPER® Implementation

Implementing KLIPPER means the implementation of a fully operational response environment for digging requests in Belgium or The Netherlands.

We will connect KLIPPER to all common GIS and database environments in which your data is stored, either via services or directly. Your data are converted to the correct model and format on the fly (for each separate request) and we ensure that all answers are sent to the governmental portals with the correct credentials.

We store all information in a database of your choice and, in addition, provide periodic reports on the request handling.

Choose to implement a fully operational response environment for digging requests in Belgium or the Netherlands


Our complete, worry-free, solution ensures a fully automatic and complete processing of all your digging requests, resulting in both in time responses and responsiveness at all times.


The tool can be configured so that all requests are processed in a way that is specific for the type of request, the concerned infrastructure, or the area in which the infrastructure is present. If manual intervention is required, the person(s) responsible are notified automatically.


KLIPPER works for all regions in Belgium and The Netherlands, giving you one solution for all geographic areas.

No Additional

You can either configure KLIPPER to respond at night, or choose the SaaS version, avoiding, in both cases, an additional load on your servers or network bandwidth when other tasks are running.

Serves All

Whether you possess infrastructure in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia, or The Netherlands, KLIPPER will process all requests in a single environment.


KLIPPER not only allows you to check your response before sending (e.g. in case of data quality issues) but also allows you to configure a different processing depending on the location of the request, type of request, or related disciplines.

The History
of Requests

KLIPPER stores all information related to both the digging requests and responses. At any time, information about a certain response can be retrieved, including information on the state of the infrastructure at that time, or the large-scale base map.

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