3D City Modeling

Increase the efficiency of your city management in terms of urban planning, safety, energy efficiency, mobility, and tourism by virtue of our detailed 3D city models.

Detailed 3D city modeling to ensure a contemporary city management

What are 3D city models?


In its essence, a 3D city model is a detailed digital representation of a city’s infrastructure, which can be used to simulate real-world plans in a cost-efficient way.
They, for example, allow to investigate and visualize the impact of planned city developments on the environment, including shadow or traffic analysis for planned buildings, safety, and mobile coverage. In other words, 3D city models allow to study the overall urban planning and visual appearance of a (part of the) city before plans become reality.

Why 3D city models?


Our 3D city models contain cm-accurate geometry and seamlessly connect to the large-scale base map and digital terrain model. We, in addition, enrich the buildings with additional information, such as skylights, solar panels, chimneys, or roof type through automated object detection.
Combining this enriched models with geometrical characteristics such as roof volumes, surfaces, orientation, and/or slope, enables calculations on the energy saving potential.
In addition, buildings can be created in such a way that they look realistic and attractive, and, as such, can be used for city marketing. When other objects, such as roads or utility infrastructure, are included in the 3D city model, the model can also be used to calculate cascade effects of incidents that occur in the city (e.g. floods or power outages simulations).
Enhanced Urban

Investigate the impact of urban development on the existing neighborhood in cost-effective, way and discover how these developments affect shading, mobile coverage, or the overall appearance of the city.


Easily simulate and visualize the different possible infills to renovate city areas, and discuss the options with residents or other stakeholders.

Residential Safety

Determine the best locations to place cameras through line of sight analysis to increase the safety in certain areas of the city.

One Step Ahead
Emergency Plans

Simulate and visualize the consequences of incidents, such as power outages, floods, fires, etc., by integrating your 3D city model with additional information.

Our 3D City Modeling Services

Avineon has the knowledge, and people, to guide you through the entire 3D city modeling process; we help you identify your needs, guide you through the creation of the 3D city model, or set up a process to maintain and improve your already existing 3D city model.

To create a detailed 3D digital representation of your city, we will start from the source data your city has at its disposal. For the 3D modeling of your buildings and other infrastructures, this source data includes LiDAR point clouds or stereo-imagery.

For the application of real-world textures to the model, this source data includes stereo-imagery or oblique images. To acquire this source data, we rely on our partners. The disclosure of the 3D city can be done in different ways. Depending on the technology you require, we either rely on our partners, or we use our own digital twin environment.
If you require a realistic representation of your city, but not the intelligence of the high-end 3D model, we offer the possibility to model your city as a 3D mesh.


3D Consultancy

Convinced of the benefits of a 3D city model for your city management, but still unsure on the exact specifications and requirements? Or are you in doubt in terms of what source data and/or level of detail is required to fulfill your expectations? The Avineon team will help you figure it out.
Identify your needs and translate these into specific requirements and specifications for your 3D city modeling project with the help of our 3D experts.

Cost Calculation and Estimation


Calculate the costs associated with the production and maintenance of your 3D city model in advance with our in-house developed AI algorithms.
The calculations take into account the specific requirements and specifications of your 3D modeling project, such as the required level(s) of detail, IT infrastructure, etc.
3D stadsmodel

Proof of Concept


Build, together with Avineon, a small part of your city in 3D to get an idea on which requirements are important and give yourself the chance to get familiar with the model before starting a larger project.



3D Mesh Creation


If you require a realistic representation of your city, but not the intelligence of a high-end 3D model, we can create a 3D mesh of your city.

To best describe a 3D mesh, we can compare it to a sort of digital blanket that is stretched over your city, not only showing all details of buildings, but also any other desired objects that are present, such as street furniture, or trees. In addition, unwanted objects, such as cars or pedestrians, can be filtered out by Avineon.

3D Mesh

3D City Model Creation


Avineon’s 3D city models seamlessly fit to the large-scale base map information and digital terrain model of your city.

We deliver buildings in a variety of detail, varying from buildings with generalized, but still realistic, roofs, to buildings with a high level of detail including dormers, oriels, chimneys, air conditioning systems, and roof overhangs.


Different levels of detail in different parts of the city are also possible.

In addition to buildings, Avineon also models other structures, such as streets, walls, bridges, silos, chemical plants, utility networks, road infrastructure, etc. This too is done in a variety of detail.


Sustain and Grow

The saying that “a city never sleeps” also applies to city management and urban development. Over time, things change – new buildings are being developed, old buildings are being demolished, and open spaces get filled. So, to ensure that your 3D city model remains an as realistic as possible digital representation of your city, regular updates are required.

Updating 3D City Models

Avineon therefore offers a subscription to keep your 3D city model up to date, capturing all those interim changes, and implementing them in your 3D city model.
In addition, we can also improve and enhance your existing 3D city model, adding additional features to meet your changing needs and requirements.

Belgium in 3D

Avineon and Eurosense have initiated "Bel3D3, a unique collaboration to provide a high-quality 3D model for the Belgian market, and make it available in an easy-to-access 3D digital twin.

Why Avineon

Avineon has truly developed a unique expertise in 3D city modeling. As such, we have created 3D city models in different countries, with different types of source data, and with a variety of features, requirements, and specifications. 
Consequently, our production environment has flexible processes to ensure that our 3D models meet the requirements of every individual customer. By brining together best practices from our customers around the world, we are able to offer the most accurate 3D city models currently available. Much of our 3D modeling process is automated, but to truly build a fully accurate 3D model, manual corrections are sometimes required. 

With a z-accuracy of 10cm, our 3D city models are the most accurate on the market.

Tailored to
Your Needs

We do not just build “a” 3D city model – we build “your” 3D city model, including the required level(s) of detail and attribute information for your intended use.


Not only do we make sure that the source data perfectly fit the requirements for the creation of your 3D city model, but we also provide the IT-environment to start working with the model.

3D Model

We keep your 3D city model up-to-date by adding, removing, or updating buildings and other structures to your model.

Delivery Models

Avineon offers you the best of both worlds: we offer local technical expertise and project management capabilities in combination with an efficient offshore production facility.
Our local people ensure that your requirements are translated into qualitative deliverables and give you the required insight into the 3D modeling process and the technical aspects of the deliverables. Our offshore production facility, on the other hand, ensures a fast and efficient processing. The level of direct customer interaction with the offshore team is tailored to specific customer needs, and thus varies from project to project.


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