Digital Twins for Upscaled Retrofits


Avineon takes part in the DITUR research consortium, investigating the potential of advanced 3D building models and Digital Twin concepts to support the current building renovation challenge. In order to reach the 2050 climate goals, a significant upscaling and accelerating of the renovation of buildings is required.


Digital Twin technology plays an increasingly important role for modeling, monitoring, analyzing, and simulating complex “what-if” scenarios and policy options for the built environment. At times of global climate urgency, there is a high need for decision support systems to assess strategies for the reduction of the building energy demand and the associated CO2 emissions, both at the individual level and at the district or city level.


The Digital Twin designed within this research project is a virtual representation of the building stock, established through accurate 3D modeling and enriched with additional geometry representing windows, chimneys, and solar panels in addition to attributes relating to the energy efficiency of the buildings.

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