Belgium in 3D

20 October 2021
Lier, Belgium - October 20, 2021. The two leading Belgian geo-ict companies Avineon, a global provider of digital modernization, engineering support, and spatial intelligence services, and Eurosense, one of the European leading aerial surveying, remote sensing, and geo-data companies, have initiated Bel3D.



Belgium in 3D


"Bel3D" or "Belgium in 3D" is the name of the initiative that consists of the unique collaboration of Eurosense and Avineon with the aim of building a high-quality 3D model for the Belgian market, and make it available in an accessible and easy-to-manage environment. 


"The Bel3D initiative originated from the existing need in the Belgian market for an accessible, manageable, and accurate 3D digital twin", says Rob Van Welsenaere, Sales Director Avineon Benelux. Therefore, Avineon and Eurosense decided to collaborate together to offer a complete solution that includes the collection of the source data (stereo, oblique, and LiDAR), as well as the modeling of the 3D buildings and infrastructure according to CityGML3.0 specifications, and the disclosure of the 3D model to the users. All steps in the process are perfectly aligned, resulting in an easy-to-manage 3D model, enriched with a large amount of additional data, developed according to international OGC-standards, and respecting the most recent specifications. 


Within Bel3D, Avineon and Eurosense specifically focus on parties that are looking to manage buildings and infrastructure via a digital twin environment. A few applications of Bel3D include the 3D visualization of buildings and infrastructure ; investigating the impact of new buildings on the environment ; disaster management ; and cost and yield calculations of energy saving measures. 


Peter van Es, Managing Director Avineon Europe, says: "3D city models have become a vital component of contemporary city management and digital twins are essential to the "smart city" concept. We are therefore very pleased to participate in this unique collaboration, offering a complete 3D solution for the Belgian market."


André Jadot, CEO of Eurosense, adds to that: "Our 3D models are an accurate and crisp fusion of the building geometry and texture, so that urban planners, architects, and citizens alike can take better decisions. By combining high-resolution data with powerful algorithms, geometrically accurate 3D models are produced, which can be used as a 3D geo-database and analytical applications."


Bel3D facilicates access to an accurate, up-to-date, digital replica of a city or infrastructure, to which objects can be added as applications grow. The model is hosted in a secure environment, can be easily accessed by employees and residents, and provides a clear visualization of reality. Its new analytics and applications in the fiels of spatial planning, energy management, marketing, or risk analysis ultimately facilitate an improved decision making.


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About Avineon®

Avineon was founded in the U.S. in 1992 to help Visualize IT and See IT Trough. Ever since, our customers have relied on us to deliver high quality and value through digital moderization, engineering support, and spatial intelligence solutions.


Avineon has many years of experience in modeling high-quality city models and has developed a user-friendly 3D management environment. 



About Eurosense

Eurosense is one of the leading aerial surveying, remote sensing, and geo-data companies in Europe, with headquarters in Belgium. The group was created in 1964 and has offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania. Specialties of Eurosense include: HD aerial imagery (down to 2cm GSD), true orthophotos, aerial Lidar, 3D modeling, aerial thermography, trees inventory and health analysis, GIS-consultancy, and other geo-related queries. Customers are both public (government) and private (such as architecture, construction, engineering, telecommunication, utility, and solar industries). 


Eurosense has many years of experience in obtaining high-quality source data and modeling premium city models.


Together, Eurosense and Avineon have delivered 3D city models for dozens of cities, including: Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, The Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen, Le Havre, Geneva, Neuchâtel, and Bern.