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A digital twin to support energy goals

Avineon is part of the Digital Twin Concept for Scaled-up Retrofits (DITUR) research consortium. We are investigating how advanced 3D building models and digital twin concepts can support renovation challenges to meet th..........

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Object detection for 3D city models

In this increasingly digital society, more and more companies and governments are accelerating their digital transformation by adopting 3D city models and digital twins. They are, to an increasing extent, becoming an i..........

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Planning for the Belgium of tomorrow

Across the globe, the trend towards 3D city modeling is gaining traction. More and more cities consider a 3D city model a common geospatial asset, or even a vital component of contemporary city management. An accurate 3D model of a city allows eff..........

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The Holy Grail of BIM

New technological advancements are driving operational efficiencies, opportunities to enhance infrastructure, and additional methods to ignite growth for both developing and developed countries. Integrating BIM with geospatial data has created suc..........

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GeoBIM: Converging GIS and BIM

Geo-engineering and Geo-design require engineering and geospatial professionals to cooperate closely, bringing together data, technologies, and processes.

Information modelling, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in particular, has be..........

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GeoBIM: Data formats and models for converging GIS & BIM

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a significant transformation in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) industry. The interrelationships between building information modeling (BIM) on the one hand, and geospatial, or geogr..........

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